• Obesity

    Learn all about Obesity

    Obesity is world wide problem which further lead to many health complications. No Doubt it is a cosmetic problem in ladies but also hamper their health.

    Obesity in Men
    Sedentary lifestyle like smoking , alcohol , Eating habits are the major causes for Obesity in Men. Also Diabetes, Heart Problems, Strokes and Hyper tension which are the diseases of Old Age are now attacking the younge age group just because of Obesity. Men have to maintain their weight to avoid all these complications in young age .

    Obesity in Women
    Women aremore prone to obesity. The causes of women for Obesity are completely different than men. Weight gain During Pregnancy is major cause in Indian women and after delivery it becomes permanent due to ignorance. Some women gain their weight due to un healthy food habits , afternoon snap or certain Contraceptive pills. Being overweight in early age leads to infertility , Breast cancer , Menstrual disorders , hypertension or thyroid problem in women.

    In both cases weight management should be done in safe and natural way.