• Importance of Diet and Exercise

    Using proper diet can help you reduce/control weight

    No doubt diet and exercise has its importance while weight loss but without effective medicine no bady can get assured result. Single mistake in diet causes you weakness and single mistake in exercise causes you serious damage in your body. Though Heavy exercise shows some weight loss but it increases your hunger at the same time. So you bound to increase food intake which leads to weight gain again.

    So proper treatment is essential for weight loss which can work on your metabolism , fat deposition and craving of food. Diet can be change to get fast result and exercise to control weight gaining by maintaining your weight.

    Some tips for common diet plan for weight loss -

    1. Avoid heavy dinner at late night
    2. Increase liquid diet by introducing soups at night .
    3. Avoid Rice , Noodles , bread and maida buiscuits.
    4. Instead of Muesli mix , start eating wheat flakes with cornflex.
    5. Maximum vegetarian food and only grilled non veg
    6. Eat green salad instead of mix salads with mayonnaise.
    7. Introduce oatmeal recipes' in your breakfast