• Obesity & Health Risk

    Excess Weight can bring lots more trouble for you...

    Many people thinks that excess weight deposited is just harm their looks but its not true. Obesity not only interferes your looks but also give hazardous effects to body leading to many major diseases.

    Heart Disease – When waxy substance made of fat deposited in coronary artery in form of plaque. It reduces oxygenated blood flow to heart muscles which can lead to coronary heart disease.

    High Blood Pressure – When a person gets obese then pressure against wall of the arteries rises introduces high blood pressure problem.

    Brain Stroke – As mentioned earlier plaque of arteries those are supplying to brain can be responsible to get brain strokes.

    Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes is the most common disease found in Obese people.Its due to lack of production of insulin hormone which converts glucose into energy.

    Cholesterol – If you are obese then you are at risk of having bad cholesterol in your blood which is ultimately major cause of many diseases.

    Cancer – Chances of Having cancer of Colon, breast, endometrium and gall bladder increases with obesity problem.

    Arthritis – Extra weight always put pressure on all your joints of hip, knee and lower back which leads to arthritis problem.

    Sleep Apnea - It is also a common disorder in obese people especially fat around the neck causes narrowing of airways making it hard to breath.

    Reproductive organ – It is very important information as infertility in women is increasing due to obesity. Extra weight can causes menstrual problem and weakness of uterus or fibroid.

    Gall stone – In obese peoples increased cholesterol is responsible to form gall stones.